4 Easy Ways to Restore Deleted Data On Computers Without Diversity

Before deciding that the data has been deleted cannot be restored again, please see and do the following 4 ways as a solution in restoring deleted files on the Computer or Laptop. You can also look at website salvagedata for the solution.

  1. Check Recycle Bin Computer or Laptop

Do you already know the existence and function of the Recycle Bin? Any computer or laptop that uses Windows Operating System by default is already installed Recycle Bin. Usage Recycle Bin is a place to gather the files we have deleted, in other words, Recycle Bin is like a trash can.

Recycle Bin has usually stored automatically on the computer desktop and we cannot remove the existence of this Recycle Bin.

Use Recycle Bin to check the deleted data. Due to the work of deleting data on the computer after we delete the file, it will be moved into the Recycle Bin folder.

Please see if the data is in the Recycle Bin? If found, you right-click on the data you want to save then click select Restore. That way the data will automatically move to the original place and you can use the data again.

  1. Take advantage of Windows Restore Previous Versions Features

This step you do if indeed after you check the file in the Recycle Bin not found. The saying goes many ways to Rome, so you should not panic.

Try opening the Folder where the data was originally located. You right click on the Folder and click select Restore previous versions. With this step can allow us to restore deleted data. Windows will restore data back to the date before data is deleted.

  1. Checking Files in Data Backup Files

Try to recall whether you have previously done backup data into external backup media such as Hard disk, Flash disk, CD/DVD, and so forth. If ever please check the external media because the possibility of deleted data on Computer or Laptop can be found inside external data.

But otherwise if not found backup data, then this can be used as a future learning so that you become diligent to backup computer files.

  1. Use Special Software That Has Functions as File Recovery

If all the above steps do not work, then please do this last step, that is using the software. As I mentioned above that currently available many software that has a function to restore deleted data. For example, server data recovery.


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