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Unlike in the past where women were less involved in work, modern women are as active as their male counterparts who are involved in all types of jobs from construction, to driving and traveling while working. With the same level of education and training, women are getting the relevant exposure and expertise which is empowering them to do the same jobs as their male colleagues. Due to that, discrimination on the basis of gender is decreasing by the day. Many women are making a choice of staying alone without men as a choice, another reason is separation, divorce or death of men. This has led to an increase in family units that are headed by women who are by extension becoming the principal breadwinners. To improve the living standards of the family, women are increasingly seeking employment in order to complement the income of their husbands thus beating the economic hardships occasioned by falling global economies.

Sighting the changing of lifestyle by women from housekeepers to breadwinners, we have seen other changes like the use of menstrual cup instead of the normal tampons and pads. This is due to the many advantages that come with the use of the menstrual cups. Menstrual cups are cost effective because they can be used for a very long time depending on the brand. This is because they are reusable and as long as you clean and sterilize well they will serve the purpose. However, compared to pads and tampons which need to be replaced on an hourly and daily basis, menstrual cups are truly economical. With menstrual cups, ladies have a wide choice to choose from because there are many manufacturers with different brands like Soft Sup, Femmycycle and Moon Cup. All the brands come in different colors, sizes and lengths that fit the needs of all women. With menstrual cups; they have measuring marks that can help detect when there are abnormal changes in the discharge. Moreover, there are no known health risk associated with the product use thus its recommended to all women. Besides that, it’s easy to clean by use of mild soaps or Wash using boiling water for few minutes. In conclusion, menstrual cups are eco-friendly since the liquid discharged from the body is simply cleaned and the gadget reused again. That simply implies that, the challenges associated with solid waste management are totally eliminated unlike tampons and pads that greatly contribute to challenges of solid waste management.

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