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Importance of Essential Oils to Health There are high amounts of concentrated natural oils in several plants. The aroma that these oils create are used in healing in a process known as aromatherapy. The use of these oils has been going on for many years, and today, they are still being used in therapy and as medicine. Be aware that perfume and fragrance oils set up in the chemist labs are not natural products like essential oils. These oils are gotten from plants by a process known as distillation conducted by water or steam. In the extraction process, the oil is gotten from several areas of the plant like the flowers, the bark roots, stem, and leaves. After the distillation process is complete; the final product is the concentrated oil with the same properties and aroma as the original plant from which it was gotten from. There are different types of oils with various benefits as shown below. By the use of vibrations from ultrasonic diffusers, essential oils are vaporized in the air after being mixed with water. The origin of lavender oil is fresh lavender flowers. From its soothing properties, it relieves the mind and body, in addition to aiding digestion. It reduces stress and anxiety without the side effects associated with drugs. The central nervous system is slowed down by this oil while improving acute concentration. Alopecia Areata is a hair loss disorder, and lavender encourages the regrowth of the hair. Lavender aids in sleeping by adding it to a diffuser, using it on the skin, or putting a few drops on the pillow.
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Menthol in the peppermint oil aids in alleviating the involuntary spasms by regulating movement of electrolytes across the cell membranes. Nausea, headaches, upset stomach, gas, indigestion, and anxiety are some of the conditions that it helps treat. The proper flow of bile and improved digestion can be brought about by adding a few drops of peppermint oil in herbal tea. If you smell peppermint oil, you are hit with a sweet smell, and it gives you a burst of energy. Additional uses include as a mouthwash, lotion and as a massage oil.
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Oil extract from lemon is known as valerian. Health benefits and household uses are some of the advantages of lemon oil. It brings fresh aroma to homemade cleaning products while adding stain removing capabilities. Lemon oil is important in reducing symptoms associated with menopause for instance sleep disorders. It aids in sharpening memory and in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, it improves recollection. In case of insect bites and surface wounds, this oil is recommended for its antibacterial, antihistamine and antiviral properties. Harmful organisms are dealt with by a naturally occurring compound in oregano called carvacrol. It has natural properties that are anti-parasitic, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial. In the case of topical use, it should be diluted because it is highly potent. Treating athlete’s foot, killing ringworms when diluted topically and removing warts are several other uses of oregano oil. These are just but some beneficial essential oils in use.


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