Data recovery tools for lost files

Most of you face situations when you accidently lost your data in your phone or laptops, it can be a heart stopping moment for you but it doesn’t necessarily the end of the world. Losing your data in your phones or computers can be a big issue but with data recovery software you can easily recover your data. There are many data recovery software available on the internet you can use to recover your lost files in your phone and laptops.

Your data in your Smartphone and computers like movie, pictures, videos and documents can be the important thing for you but when you accidently deleted it then it can most panic situation for you, so you should be careful with your data. There may be many reasons of losing your data including system failure, hard drive failure, power failure, viruses and accidently deleting or formatting your data. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot recover it, by downloading the recovery software on the internet you can easily recover your lost files.

When you accidently deleted data from your computer, it is not actually deleted. It is marked as a deleted and hidden from the operating system to make seem like deleted or it may be moved to recycle bin. To help recover your lost data there are many dedicated data recovery tools that help to recover your lost files.

 Recuva data recovery software

– Recusal is best data recovery tool for your Mac and computer system. Built in wizard (optional) this software helps to guide you through step by step procedure to recover your deleted files. The only thing you need to do is just to answers all the question of that wizard ask for such as scanning area, data scanning and type of data to scan. Even though Normal scan is enough but you can go for deep scan to increase the possibility of recovering data.  You can recover data like videos, audios, images, document and other important stuff on your devices.

Wise data recovery software

– This tool also help to recover your deleted data but it does not come with rich features and customizable software. There is very clean interface with very few options in this tool. You can download the software from chrome and select the drive which you want to scan. After scanning, the software will show all the deleted data that you can recover like documents, videos, images, etc. This is a quick and simple tool to recover the data but it may not be able to recover data like other tools can do.

Free undeleted tool

– This tool is also comes with limited features like wise data recovery software and does not have any advance features that you are looking for.  Install the software, after installing, you just need to scan your computer and the software will search on your drive about the possible lost data and will recover the data if possible. Some recovery software will also show you the preview of the files and you can choose which to recover and which not.


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