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Benefits of Running in One’s Life

Running is definitely one form of exercise that gives you a lot of benefits when it comes to your health status. There are three types of runners that we know and the first one would be the person that runs because they just like doing so. There are also runners that run because they know how beneficial it is for their health and the third type of runner is the one that does it professionally because of sports. Whether you run because of fun or health reasons, the most important is that you run consistently to be able to achieve the maximum benefits of running.

The most popular reason why a lot of people want to start running is because they believe it will help in losing their weight. This is actually factual as long as you are consistently running and at the same time, have a balance diet. There already studies conducted showing that running helps burn calories on the average of 100 if you run 1 mile. You don’t even have to worry on how and where to do it because running can be done anytime and anywhere you want it to for as long as you have running shoes. We all need an average of 2000 calories to burn on a daily basis and to achieve that, running will always be a good option to help burn the fact and must be combined with a customized diet. Starting to run immediately is a good way if you believe you have gained weight already.

Although losing weight is everyone’s goal to a healthy life, you also need to be healthy mentally and running can give you this kind of benefit, too. If you have consistently run over a period of time, you will notice that you feel the pleasure of doing the running session. The endorphin hormones and other hormones are released from our body when we run. Euphoria or the feeling on being on the “runner’s high” is felt if you are engaged in any intense activity such as running. These are the hormones that cause people to become energized and motivated thus, helping lower the feeling of pain and stress. In fact, more studies have proven that when you run, it gives you a positive effect on most conditions and one of these is depression. It is actually countless benefits to your mental health if you are running often.

Another health benefit from running is the improvement of one’s cardiovascular health. Heart diseases are considered to be the most deadly health condition in the world so if you want your blood pressure to lower down and maintain your arteries, you need to run. Your arteries become more elastic if you run often compared to those who don’t.

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