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Men Going to a Wedding

tux-300x180Men do not always look forward to attending weddings. However, sharing in someone else’s big day does not have to be a headache. Here are some do’s and don’ts and some ways to assure you will be dressed the right way the next time you attend a wedding.

What do you wear to a wedding? This depends completely on the style of the wedding you are attending. This is also assuming you are not in the wedding but just a wedding guest. A black tie only wedding will require you attend in a basic tuxedo, cufflinks can add even more class to the look. A black tie preferred wedding implies you show up in a black or charcoal colored suit, wearing cufflinks are appropriate. Black tie optional allows for a bit more freedom and allows you to wear a cotton, tweed, or linen suit preferably in a dark or earthy color. For a casual wedding wearing kakis and a button down shirt are appropriate.

How to match your suit with your style? If your style is preppy consider wearing a double breasted blazer with pressed trousers. This however, would only be appropriate for a more casual wedding setting. If your style is to convey confidence power then a power suit is for you. If you want to convey professionalism then a lightweight suit that is slim fitting along with dark neckties will do the trick. If you want to dress like the ladies man you are then tailored blazers and a dress shirt is what you want to wear. These are just a few examples of how what type of suit you wear can paint a picture of who you are.

What not want to wear to a wedding? Unless specifically told to by the bride and groom, never wear shorts or jeans to a wedding, not even to a casual wedding. Also never assume you know the formality of the wedding if it is not stated. If unsure as to what style you expected to wear, ask a member of the wedding party the specifics to find out.

When is it appropriate to wear cufflinks and watches? As mentioned before wearing cufflinks are appropriate when you wish to dress up any look. Of course they always go with a tux or formal suit; however they can also dress up a more casual look by combining them with a button down shirt. Wearing a watch is always acceptable when attending a wedding. As a matter of fact to prevent yourself from checking your phone during the ceremony wearing a stylish watch will give you the ability to, without disturbing anyone check the time. Appropriate jewelry and accessories for a man to wear to any formal occasions are wedding ring, watch, and cuff links.

These are just a few tips to help you the next time you get an invitation to attend a wedding. Now you will know how to accentuate your own style, how to properly dress for any type of wedding, and how to accessorize. Also by giving you some ideas of what not to do, you to never again have to worry about being dressed incorrectly for someone’s big day. Now you can go with all the confidence in the fact that you know what to wear and how to wear it.