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Howie’s Homestay Villas For a Memorable Honey Moon

Planning for a wedding can be a challenging process and can get you feeling too exhausted at the end of the ceremony. That is why you want to escape to some romantic spot in Thailand with your loved one so that you can start your married life in a happier,exciting and more relaxed setting.

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day,an anniversary or your honey moon,Chiang Mai’s Private boutique hotel in Chiang Mai is the most excellent place to spend high quality and memorable moments with the love of your life. Whether you are in Howie’s Homestay to enjoy some time with your new wife or husband or you are there to celebrate your wedding anniversary,you will always feel the same -happy and romantic.

The world is not short of great places to visit and enjoy one’s life but the following are some exciting reasons you want to consider flying to Thailand’s Howe’s Homestay to enjoy your holiday.

Howie’s Homestay Villas is a boutique hotel that stands for one thing-luxury and comfort. Just imagine having to wake up every morning to the breath taking beauty of the lush,green foothills of the mighty Himalayas?

There are other luxury hotels in Chiang Mai but Howie’s Homestay Villas is just different from the hotel’s splendid architecture to its authentic Thai food and spectacular gardens. Howe’s Homestay is one of the 5 star facilities in the area and during your stay you will get to appreciate the diverse fauna and flora that makes this place what it is-beautiful and memorable.

The owners and hosts Jerri and Howie spent millions of dollars to build the facility,and it took them seven long years because they wanted to get everything just right for the benefit of their guests.

If you are an Eco-tourism enthusiast, this hotel will not disappoint.

Once you decide to book to stay at this fabulous place,you will just pay an all-inclusive package that includes three home cooked meals,a mini bar,airport transfers among other benefits. There is no way to forget anything that you and your woman will do,experience or agree at Howie’s Homestay-memories are made of this.

If you are looking for an exclusive,beautiful and comfortable get away where you will get to enjoy the best of everything one could possibly enjoy in Thailand, Howie’s Homestay Villas is the place-do your booking today,and let’s hope they will be able to host you soon,considering they are almost always occupied.



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