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Why You Should Buy Cat Water Fountains

A cat water fountain is an ideal way of ensuring that your cat always has clean and healthy drinking water without leaving any taps or faucets running.

Cat water fountains are containers for water, such as a bowl that has a water source with a valve to control the flow of water into the container. Once connected to the water source, the valve is controlled by a float to assess the degree of water in the tank. When the water gets to a specific set level, the float rises and shuts off the flow of water. When the water goes down enough that refilling is required, the valve opens and the water enters the bowl up to the preset level. It is possible to set the water level yourself with the majority of cat water fountains.

The Health Benefits of Using Cat Water Fountains
Always clean water is healthy; and if water stands for long periods in large containers, bacteria and fungus can grow in it. The contaminants can pose health problems to the health of your cat. Having a bowl that refills itself ensures that your pet has clean drinking water always, and you will not have to refill the bowl all the time.

The novelty of the fountain also may lead to the cat drinking more water which is of great benefit to their renal health. Proper hydration ensures that the skin and gums of the pet remain healthy as well prevents constipation.

You will also note that cats that are provided with drinking water will drink more of it by their choosing. The fountain bowls are made being broad and comfortable since cats like having a view of things when they drink and also do not like their whiskers being interfered with.

Cat water fountains also assist in keeping the air around the house cleaner. The fountain adds some humidity to a room hence the quality of air in the room is improved.

Mainting the cat water fountain is also easy. Usually, When you buy a new unit, it will have a set of filters, and in other cases, you will get a spare one. It is important that the filters are regularly changed so as always to have optimal performance. Other units will come with a pre-filter system that can trap hair and other debris thus ensuring durability of the machine. If you compare this to the normal water bowls then you can make out the huge difference between the two.

Cat water fountains are an easy and effective way of ensuring that your cat has a healthy and clean source of water. The units also have different styles and designs to ensure that your individual needs and tastes are met.

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