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Tips for Men Matching Ties

ties-225x300Choosing the right tie can compliment a suit and send the right message to on lookers. However, sometimes trying to doing so is not the easiest task for some men. Take these ideas into consideration when looking for the right tie to match a suit and/or shirt.

Do not ignore the event or its setting. Is the venue casual or formal, business or personal? It may not seem like much of a difference. However the tie and shirt you select could be overstated or understated depending on the setting.

Beyond venue hair color and skin tone also play a large part in tie and shirt selection. There are colors that enhance your natural skin tones thereby giving you a more appealing and well put together look.

There are two profiles to consider, the high and low contrast. The high contrasting profile most compliments men with dark hair and a fair complexion or very light hair with a dark skin tone. With this in mind a dark colored suit such as black, blue, gray paired with a white or light blue dress shirt is the best choice. The tie should be a more lively color tie such as red, pink, or even a lime green. While the tie of course does not have to be a solid color the base color would be in the family of reds. The low contrasting profile is for men with light or red hair and fair skin or men who are balding. Light to medium gray suits work best here. White dress shirts are also complimentary here as well. Light blue and earth tones for dress shirts work well for the low contrast profile coupled with a deep colored tie.

Eye color does not play too big of a role in matching ties and shirts unless your eye color is a strong contrast to hair color and skin tone. For example, if you have light (or almost white) blond hair, a fair complexion, and deep blue eyes, your eye color should be considered in shirt and tie color choice. In this case, do not do too much with patterns. With such a wow factor going on with your striking eyes busy patterns and bountiful colored ties can send heads into orbit.

When wearing multi colored ties try to find one color in the tie that matches your shirt color; by doing so you bring out that particular color, enhance the print or pattern in the tie, and draw attention to the overall ensemble.

Additional basic rules for matches in any case are do not combine striped suit, striped shirt, and striped tie. Do not combine checked patterns. Unless you are in a high end suit, stay away from same colors such as, gray suit, gray shirt, gray tie. Yes you are matching in this instance but you also appear not to understand how to put together an appropriate outfit combination.

A good rule of thumb is match patterns with a solid. For example, a striped blue suit with solid light blue shirt, and a deep colored tie will work.

For some men keeping it simple but stylish may be the best alternative. Select clothes that fit properly. Clothes that are too tight or too baggy make you look un-kept. Remember back to the kindergarten when you learned what colors matched and take a little time to make tie and shirt combinations.

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