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In the recent times, cats and dogs have formed a deep relation with humans. This is because of their loyalty to their master and the fact that they stick around in all times. Therefore, in response, it is important that you handle your pet with care and tenderness so that it does not get into harms way nor get you into harms way. Cat nutrition and nourishment is a very sensitive topic that should be approached with lots of seriousness. The market provides numerous cat feed but only a few among the many is appropriate for a healthy cat. Thus, to achieve the ideal nutrition for your cat, you must educate yourself on the right feeds that you can give your cat. This can present a huge difficulty, more so, if you are not familiar with the right cat meals. Read the tips below so that you can find yourself the best cat food the market has to offer.

Dry feeds can pose harm to your cat, it is therefore wise to avoid or minimize your frequency when feeding your cat. It is believed that dry food helps in cleaning the mouth of your cat. This is a misconception that most people have been made to believe, overtime. In fact, cats do not chew their food long enough to allow their teeth to be cleaned. In spite of the larger dental diets of cats, intended to promote chewing, cats still swallow larger feeds as a whole. Without forgetting some of the dry feeds leave residues in the mouth of cats thus leading to the development of plaque .

Fish based foods are also not good for your cats nutrition. Ironically, most cats love fish based feed. Therefore, it is good for you to feed your cat with little fish based foods. A lot of fish used while making the cat meals, have been found to contain significant amounts of metals and toxins. To add on this, they also have some fish parts that lead to an increased level of phosphorus in the cat food. This might lead to development of other problems in cats with kidney diseases. In addition to this, they might consist of a synthetic supplement of vitamin K which has been banned for use in human.

Protein is advisable feed for your cat. This helps in the appropriate development of your cat. It is wise that you begin by looking at the label and ensuring that protein is the first ingredient, further ensuring that the meat used is good by human standards.

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