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How to Make Your Buck Party Rock and Stay Safe

It can be challenging to put together a buck party, especially if many are coming and you want them all to have a blast. One thing you have to take note of though is that this is not going to be about you or what makes you happy. Naked women and vats of alcohol may be your thing, but if they’re not the buck’s, then you could be headed for a catastrophe.

So how do you see to it that the party actually rocks without causing problems? You just can’t tell for sure, but you can use the following tips as your guide:

The Guests

It’s always smart to pick your activities according to who’s coming. If there will be older men, for instance, adjust your plans so that they too can be entertained.

Ice Breaker

As there will probably be a lot of people not having met before, you should have some type of ice-breaking activity before kicking off the party. This can be done however you want, but in many buck parties, this is done simply by having each guest give a self-introduction and tell the other guests how they know the couple.

The Alcohol

As alcohol is usually, if not always, a large part of buck parties, it should have an entire section dedicated to it. Nothing special about it though, but you do have to make it a point to start things off gradually. It can be very disappointing to have people becoming drunk far too fast in a buck party.

Dare Games

If you’re planning to include dare games in your “program,” then do it. But consider how quickly these things can get wild out of control, everyone should be fine with the idea from the beginning.

Staying Connected

As the one in charge of the party, be sure to have your mobile phone with you. Even if you’re a small bunch of people going around town, you can still easily lose track of each other into the night. Your phone can help you keep everyone close. Who needs that kind of distraction anyway?

The Bride and the Groom

If you plan to play some kind of trick on the groom, make sure he can take it. The jitters and stress that come with an upcoming wedding can totally dampen humor and ruin the party. It’s not something you should be surprised with.

Regardless of the details of your plans, just keep the above pointers in mind. Most importantly, don’t get the groom too messed up. He has to attend a wedding!

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